• Alandelle


    This fair elven maiden is dressed in leather chaps and a leather overcoat over a white, long sleeved tunic. She is rather pretty, but the coarseness of her attire works against her.
  • Aoibhe


    5'4" female half-elf by appearance, with short blonde hair and mix color eyes, one blue and one green. She wears a simple white robe, with no shoes, and has a small, white rat she keeps with her, often riding on her shoulder.
  • Berla Magicpig

    Berla Magicpig

    Half the time your average hobgoblin female, the other half the time a cute, young human woman.
  • Gregor


    This human man stands at average height, a little more muscular than normal, with short brown hair and lightly tanned skin.
  • Ragnhild


    This female catfolk with tawny fur and orange stripes is dressed in leather armor and pantaloons, a rapier sheathed at her side. She is svelte and nimble looking, her eyes lazily looking about.
  • Ratmaster Grindt

    Ratmaster Grindt

    A scrawny, seedy looking hobgoblin with several rats crawling around him. His beady eyes look around greedily.
  • The Vishkanya

    The Vishkanya

    Pale skin that's actually scales. Lithely built, she moves smoothly, her eyes carefully studying her surroundings.